Fat Joe

Fat Joe - Pain

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Coker the dawn yeah

Back in magazine, just in case I got a clap a boy who f*cking up my vibe

Ever since I’m 17 had and jump in Jax happen in and out of ride

Nobody that keep sweat, nobody like sweet Jax

S*ck em misses softy with the wall, with the wall, with the Brooklyn J steps

When you think this sky came from, nigga we’ve been marve since day 1

When the cops rush, niggas had to run, stash the crack in the pay phone nigga

Damn, it’s the ..that, triple gold diamond desident

Heavy is the head the wizard crowd in the top screaming fly delicate

In the roof top, flip Bengions, niggas losin’ their religion

Gold lies I .. Coca-Cola, sweat as pitchin’ what we stitchin’?

What you know about pain?

I know about pain nigga

Against all lie, true color here callin’ in the air of the night

That’s the sound of crack fins and tat teams

S*ckin there ‘bout the pipe,

Down the block from where begin

Took this last breath, thirty mattress uhh

I feel like I go palm, how they get em dirty for them f*cking taxes

Worse the beast kay on that shout like I swing it

In the elevator going up with big meast taking ..

Made and paid off like Robin Hood on the wall streets

Working for the basket .. brush you painted with

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