Fat Joe

Fat Joe - Ain't Sayin' Nothin' (feat. Dre and Plies)

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if it aint about money it aint about shit nigga

cool in dre


you aint saying nothing

i'l be spending uero's pound you probebly talking nothing

if it aint about some millions boy you aint sayin nothing (you aint sayin nothing)(uhhu)

acting like you talking nigga dan you go 2 running (boy)

(YOU AINT SAYING NOTHING if it aint about money,money)x4


ey yoh im leavin women in china pesisting living luxurious

dope stenst nd lee-rice,kwadies out da cabinet ,everytime they see me my nigga's im with a better bitch ,everytime they see on t.v they american

joey nd do the others,stunners gabbana, carhøda mini gana nd i moutha buda gana ,well if you didnt know me im the one who bring the drama,

life of a felous,

so lets step before sunner, clap man, clap man ,where could he be? , up hn the sky's nd he's flying over sea's(cheese)

nd my al on me,

you hood man you'

nd i got them bicthes key



you nigga's keep talking aint got al yet,

fel asleep on the coutch hel on chiar,

pocket ful of money

than of you got yet,

20 chevy to the paints homey get away,

the wanted 10 in put 5 on top of that,

street nigga oh aint neva want a cheque,

you wil get rough boy i'l do it homie take the derk(take the lead)

yeah the ruma ,true one ,50 on my neck ,

25 for the show homie nothing less,

the real lambo's out the gate you go check,

feel gud yo'l

goon's on derk,

money you want

money i get.



im a go getter,

so ima go get it,

life that im living for my nigga's in the prison ,

champain spilling,

cheen chil draggin,

kush kush pulling nd um blowing like a dragon,

party out in paris nd um doing it with paris,

Linzy lohhe,

that's my 0' jam,

back win a 6;4 chocke the spock's,

hummer in my hand i'l be feeling like conè,

rap it up flip it,

bag it up zip it,

chef in the kitchen with a pirate's vision(listin),

use to drive a 10 with a ceiling fan,

now i drop hits with a stiling fan.


Thanks to Nzuzo mthethwa for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Kay-Three for correcting these lyrics

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