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Lullaby Music

Written by Fashionnett Walker

To be loved through good times and the bad

To be wanted regardless of your past.

To be cherished to be loved for who you are.

To be able to surrender your heart.

To have opened up your eyes and seen the light.

To let go and set aside your pride.

Here's to you what I can offer.

A love so true it won't ever alter.

I'm here for you.

You don't have to wonder.

All you gotta do is…


Tell me that you love me

Tell me that you love me now

Tell me that you need me

And baby I will hold you down.

You say you don't want nobody

trust nobody

But that was before me

Baby I'll change your mind and convince your body that

I am what you need

Lullaby music

and it sounds so sweet

Lullaby music

boy don't sleep on me.


To be valued and loved in ever way

To have someone that brightens up your day

To be backed and supported in all you do

To have someone that's always there for you

Here's to you what I can offer

A love so true you won't have to wonder

All you gotta do is


Don't sleep on me, on me, on me.

Lullaby music. Lullaby music.<br />

<br />

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