Fantasy Rainbow

Fantasy Rainbow - Nothing But

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All that she wanted was comfort

All that we gave her was time

All that she needed was something

To help her get on with her life

But nothing can help her remember

The feeling that she had inside

And everyone here can remember

A time before she was in our lives

Now I'm staring down at your coffin

And I'm laughing on the inside

It's something that runs in my family

A sense of relief when you die

And nobody thought you were perfect

But nobody deserves to die

And all this was so overwhelming

I had to feel something inside

And I'll, I'll get low

Ao the sound of you hitting the snow

And I'll, I'll get low

And hope that you're still here tomorrow

And now I feel the last 500 years of my family

The next 80 years I've got left in me

And just how short they will be

And act as though there are far better places that we'd like to go

Far better places that we could snort blow

But the smell in this dance hall is keeping me low

Maybe she thought that the comfort would help

But human attraction is giving her hell

She's looking at boys and she's desperate to tell

She is emotionally damaged and not feeling well

And nobody here has to know

There's nothing but lust in your mouth

And nobody here has to know

You're nothing but lost to us now

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