Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 - Flame On

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<b>Flame On</b> by <i>Fantastic 4</i><br />

It's not always cool to be cool (What)

They try to play you for a fool

Like you see a girl whose unique, it's a dream

Cause she's sweet and she really seems to really knock you off your feet

You wanna say hey, but you don't (You don't)

Your mind says tell here how you feel, but you won't

Cause you just to cool to tell her truly (Truly)

Get your feelings out and they are unruly, don't try to school me

So she passes you by in the hallway

You starin' at the wall tryin' to play why I say "hey", actin' cool

Really cool slick just like ice

Bet you didn't realize that you never get this chance twice

You're busy playin' cool, now she's gone (She's gone)

Gone onto another while I sing my funky song

I never pass up a chance

I know this story since long

And when I know the time is right for me, I just, flame on

Flame on (repeat 6x)

I just flame on!

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