Fannypack - On My Lap

rate me

Us girls

Be needing dances too

Us girls

Sexy dances from my boo

Us girls

We like dances too

Us girls

Boy I thought you knew

What the deal son

How ya feel son

Get down in front of me and kneel son

I wanna feel one

Steal one

We can burn bubber and peel son

Champagne room

Me and you

Now here's what I want you to do

Get down slow

Set it on back

Putcha fine ass down in my lap

Work it around now gimme me a thrill

Let me know now Imma grab a feel

You gettin me worked up for real

The price is right so let's make a deal


Sit back

Ahh yeah

You do it on my lap

Like that

Ahh Yeah

You dance up on my lap

Sit back

Ahh yeah

You dance up on my lap

Like that

Ahh Yeah

You do it on my lap

Same lap time and same lap channel

Workin my control panel now

You could do it once you could do it for a change

In the hooptie

In the Range

In the friendly skies up up in a plane

Or on a locomotive

Choo choo train

Got a diamond in the back

Move it up top

Work it all around and

Don't you stop

This a really really good kinda deal we got

I sit down in my lap you hop

Stickin me with friction makin me hot

Searchin my body like a dirty cop


Pardon me sir but can I please get a dance

Straight up grinding no romance

Twenty bucks what the hell I'll take a chance

Let me help you outta those pants now

Start off slow


Here we go


Faster pacin

Oh yay

Conversation no way

Can I touch it

Why you look so shook

Can you put the cranny inside the nook

Can you finger through the pages like a book

Can I have the twenty bucks back that you took (Please?)


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