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Fanny movie - FANNY

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Music: Harold Rome<br>

Lyrics: Harold Rome<br>

Book: S. N. Behrman + Joshua Logan<br>

Premiere: Thursday, November 4, 1954<br>



Only you, long as i may live, Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.<br>

You, long as I may live, Fanny, <br>

If I could love, That's what I would say.<br>

But my heart isn't mine to give. <br>

Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.<br>

No, no not mine to give.<br>

Fanny, <br>

For it is gone, given long away<br>

To the sea, my one love in her gray green clothes,<br>

deep with wonders beyond the shore;<br>

To the isles 'neath the winds where the spice wood grows.<br>

I must know them all, or sleep no more!<br>

Here's a boy with no heart to give,<br>

Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.<br>

Not worth one tear you'll cry,<br>

Fanny, <br>

Oh, Fanny, goodbye!<br>


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