Fang - Law & Order

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Law and order in the U.S.A.

That's how they'll make us pay

Communism and tooth decay

U.S. will save the world today

Here I am in a mechanical world

Mechanical boys, mechanical girls

They said I'm not like them

They put me in a special place

They said I was a big discrace

To the human race

My mother was a junkie

My father was a faggot

I grew up in the tenderloin where

The streets are filled with maggots

They told me they'ed put me in a place

That would protect me from myself

They were full of shit they don't know

How to help me

They told me I was a vagrant

They put me behind bars

They said I was a miscreant

They said I was a rapist

They called me a murderer

They called me a junkie

They said I did not belong in this

World of law

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