Fang - Berkeley Heathen Scum

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Well Berkeley;s full of heathen scum

I should know I am one

I'm a drunken junkie bum

Then there's those Berkely bitches

Think they'll go from rags to riches

Hang out on University

but now they've got my herpes

You give them enough cash

They'll do anything you ask

They'll take it

They'll take it up the ass

Then there's those Berkely bad boys

Don't know how to use there dicks as toys

They only use them to pee

So I taught them something kinky

Now they're fetid virgin killers

Mother rapers and hooker thrillers

They'll bend you down to your knees

Steamy musous is set free

We're the people who raped your mom

She warned you against our mob

We chained her up to the toilet

That cunt did grind we blew her jets

We're all degenerate trash

Ridin the mud train up your ass

We'll be your friends and rip you off

Stick pig brains up grandmas's cunt

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