Family Guy

Family Guy - An Annoying But Funny Song

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[Peter] Uh-uh-urh! You can't touch me

[Peter] ...can't touch me

[Peter] J-j-j-j-just like the bad guy from Lethal Weapon 2

[Peter] I've got diplomatic immunity, so Hammer you can't sue

[Peter] I can write graphetti, even J-walk in the street

[Peter] I can riot loot, and not give a hoot

[Peter] and touch your sister's teet

[Peter] Can't touch me

[Peter] can't touch me

[Adam West] What in God's name is he doing?

[Peter] ...can't touch me.

[Cleveland] I believe that's the worm.

[Peter] Stop! Peter time.

[Peter] I'm a big shot, there's no doubt

[Peter] Light a fire and pee it out

[Peter] Don't like it? Kiss my rump.

[Peter] Just for a minute let's all do the funk.

[Peter] Can't touch me

[Peter] Yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump,

[Peter] ...can't touch me

[Peter] I'm presidental Peter, interms think I'm hot.

[Peter] Don't care if you're handicapped, I'll still park in your spot.

[Peter] I've been around the world

[Peter] From Hartford to Bagbay

[Peter] It's Peter, go Peter, I'm so Peter, yo Peter,

[Peter] Let's see Regis rap this way.

[Peter - spoken] Except for you. You can touch me.

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