Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse - My Apocalypse II

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I've walked this road of misery, that's where I found my comfort

So I pick and chose my company but one is a lonely number

I am all I've got

This is the breakin' ground of what you are not


What happened to me again, I'm slippin' through the cracks

I've seen the light, behind a life of relivin' my past

And when will it ever stop?

It's very clear, my biggest fear is fallin' from the top

Fallin' from the top

(Verse 2)

I've had my days where I found peace but I'm fallin' back down

And I want to believe that the grass is green

There's only one way to find, ova and ova and ova again

This is unbelievable, from this day on, I am all I've got



All I want is to be adored

Find someone who wants nothin' more

When I was young, disowned and pushed away

And that's why I wanted all this fame

(Wanted all this fame) But you're to blame

Ova and ova and ova again, and again


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