Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse - Get Me Out

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School's end, another year

And I just want to disappear again... again!

I hate the world, I just can't win

And sometimes I just wish it would all end... all end!

I walk around with headphones in

A hoodie on, I'm trying to blend in

(Between the other useless kids)

That's how I've always been!


And I know one day I'll be

The king of the music scene

========Like O M G========


So what do you do when everyone fails you?

Am I just a stupid boy with nothing left to lose?

I'm so sick and tired, no desire to stay in this town

So I believe my hopes and dreams will get me out!

(Verse 2)

Well, I'm the stereotype of a fucked up kid

And there's nothing really nice about the way I live

Got no money in my pocket, but I'm handsome and cocky

Start a band with my posy, leave the scene - I'm like Rocky!

I'm a late winner, take yo sister to dinner

And I may kiss her but I won't even miss her

I'm a bad boy, big dreams, headin' to the top

And I'mma sing my little heart out till all the music stops


(Guitar zo|O yolo)



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