Ezko - S. H. E. E. N (Strong Hearted Extraordinary Everyday Niggas) lyrics

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Aye, my names Ezko

And im a strong-hearted extraordinary everyday nigga

I'm a Sheen muhfucka



I figured I'd take it back to the pen and pad

And write these lyrics and raise some spirits and make some mad

And tell you how my life was crashin', cause of my passion

Imagine us moving from an apartment to a mansion

I have a dream

And I won't sleep till I make it happen

Won't cheat and won't weep in one week

Id be the main attraction your brains relaxing

My brains in action with great reactions

I feel like Joseph

How I beat mics to make these Jacksons

I started rapping when niggas didn't think it was cool

Back of the school

Smoking weed, flashing the jewels

Actin a fool

Yelling M.O.B

Now I'm honest when I'm on it

I vomit I O.D

Never been the type to see the hype

I take some shit and make it nice

Never been

Hesitant to trigger my element

Niggas is hating

Niggas is feminine

Precedent evidence, lyrics benevolent

Hatin' on me though I'm just truly eminent

Hatin' my raps and the manner I'm telling it

Lyrics as dope as the manner I'm selling it


After realizing, to master enterprising

I ain't have to be in school by ten, I was in

If the game shakes me or breaks me

I hope it makes me a better man

Take a better stand


I'm behind my barz till I die

Like the judge gave me life nigga

Thats right nigga

I'mma always paint the right picture

The right mixture to write verses that people quote

Evil jokes

Thats me describing the shit that people wrote

Ya bars' soap

You drop em and get fucked

Never been a dancer but I guarantee I get Bucks

A plus

Thank us, otherwise I know you mad as shit

Homer when I rap, I take the microphone and strangle it

Its nonstop

They sucking niggas like bomb pops

Sleeping on me

When your alarm clock is a bomb drop

I spit raps

They drop rhymes a little bit

I drop bombs that make Hiroshima feel like a little bitch

So pass the torch while I wait for Yoda to pass the force

I passed the course

Married to the game homie im passed divorce

I hear em now

Screaming in the crowd saying wow

Ezko's bout to kill it

He gon make us proud

And when the deeds done

My name will forever remain

Ever to reign

Part of your brain

Man my life will not be the same


After realizing, to master enterprising

I ain't have to be in school by ten, I was in

If the game shakes me or breaks me

I hope it makes me a better man

Take a better stand


On the microphone I make my art

I heard that was the place to start

Get in the studio make a new movie yo

Have em all listen im laying my heart

I take em apart

N figure out wat makes em tick

Makes em think

That all their favorite rappers are major sick

You got a better chance of beating the wheel of fortune

Than in my recordings

Cuz I blew the mind of the headless horseman

So get to recording

On the track im the black Jeff Gordon

Im Michael Jordan getting stoned like I fuck with gorgons

I feel like Norman

Bates pick a place

While I start the chase

Pick up ya pace

Or else you'll have to pick up ya face

N that's my message to rappers that think they're competition

I'mma listen

Then attack you on

All your compositions

And my position missionary

Take you all to church

I never had a visionary that could really do some work

For what its worth

Im worth more than you've ever seen

I father you bastards then deny you like you Billie Jean

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