rate me

I'm gonna run from the voice of reason 'till it turns to laughter

Against the masquerade like I don't believe in the morning after

the chronicles contain a few hidden chapters

Which keep our mirrors dirty, in case vanity backfires

a cold grin curtains hunger pains and eagerness

in one throw you could expose up my weaknesses

I'm putty in your hands kept my ways buried'in sand

until you learn to look through a window no one else can

oh charity, clarity, honesty excitement

the one with class, falsely accused, misconstrued

anger, sorrow, pact, machinary, decisions

collisions, instant gratification

thinking about you programed to destruct obstacles

What don't kill me, will just me crazier

I'm so filthy, sorry I had to see me like this

I sold you a lie that showed through my eyes

It told you to cry a stained glass suicide

They slowly chiseled down the walls we all hide behind

It's only time before your secrets become weakened headlines

But I'll be fine, suffocating on my own mask

I just wish I could forget how to read between the cracks

perceptive, unethical, digested tunnel vision

methadone, real diamond cut tested

resurrected perfected by well respected professionals

head doctor, head hunter, scratched the surface

lost somewhere, accepted own ability transparent open, curves...?


I'm living in a world made of windows and mirrors

This is safeguard covered crystallized tears

giving out different images, same fears

One day it's all gonna shatter, and I hope you're right here...

see through my anxieties and insecurities rip out my insides

put 'em on display, encaged, enraged and break the bottle

that I've become, I run I jump I grow completely shattered fractured, captured

glad I had the chance to be so helpless

see through my 4 corner widow pane so plain and simple

brain is crippled walking through a maze

when did I decide to be an object to reflecet cruicified for my imperfections

I answered every question peeling the tint off of my confession

close your eyes if we can

death to pride, lets begin

I'm glass and its a dream

and I don't miss a thing

broken mirrors don't bring back nothing

cherish image, how do I look any given day

you can't kill me if you rebuild me

you won't she won't he wont

I gotta do it all alone again goodbye

fled, no one ever said it was anythin in my head

I'm dead everyone lies and lays on top of the point

wipe my slate clean

Thanks to I want to skate upon your pretty reddish skin for these lyrics

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