EXTREME - Cynical Fuck

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Today don't look so bad<br>Compared to tomorrow<br>If time is all we have<br>Then we're living on borrowed<br>Yesterday's for fools<br>Who try to remember<br>The good ol' days<br>Weren't always that<br>Much better<br><br>Cynical fuck<br>Well I ain't nothing but a<br>Cynical fuck<br>It don't take much to be a<br>Cynical, all you need is love<br>All you need is what to be a<br><br>And whatever you do<br>Someone's done it first<br>Though it's sad but true<br>This us just another verse<br>If you can't take it with you<br>Then what's the use<br>I never saw a u-haul<br>Being pulled behind a hearse<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Looks like my brighter side<br>Has gotten a bit darker<br>I must have stepped over<br>My four leaf clover<br>'cause someone drank my<br>Half-filled cup of water

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