Extrema - Tell Me (Who I Am) lyrics

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Stories of (from my) the past (Are) about to prevail I've been waiting to show them (to you) Locked in a cage Loose and (then) again I've worked myself in(to) a corner Facts of life Are discontinued Always on probation Sick are the people Without views And a point Of no direction Chorus: So (please) tell me who I am Do you know me Better than me? My eyes are glazed And yours too... Time is over Truth, Lies but no tears For the pain I've been suffering (here) Hunger, (and) love all disappear(s) Burn me like a cancer does (Think) you got it, well I got news A place where all I do is approved Where my father finally lays Tell me why (did) he died for? Chorus SAX solo GTR solo Stories of...........1st verse Locked in............1st verse (Think) you got it...2nd verse Sick are.............1st verse Chorus Will you hate me Till the end? Than it's better That you never see me again But I'll make you pay For this pain..... Will you hate me? Will you change me? But I'll stay Where I am safe

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