Extrema - Some Faith lyrics

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Spoken: you left me alone, so i live alone by myself and i don' t wanna worship you again and in vain bridge: before my time will come somebody show me the truth, show me the truth i spent my life for what? Somebody show me the truth, show me the truth 1st: because hell will drag you down because there' s heaven, somehow religion preach autocracy please don' t mistake peace for agony don' t mistake peace for agony, yeah!!!! Chorus: pray, obey, but i say have you some faith now bridge 2nd: it' s name the no name so call it tao it spreads no fear but energy the great first, the pow wow a big force without bounds no false god, no rich priest that' s why i scream my divinity chorus special: you died for me to set me free from evil inside me you' d promise me a new place where live in peace and harmony don' t wanna live eternally so try to save this land of freaks decide to be cured for shure but for sure not by you!!!!

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