Extrema - Sanity lyrics

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1st: Crafty, clever, also unripe and cynical false, unfaithful and my fever the solitude of my first years the suffering within my tears covering me what is false or real pre: coz nameless is my name just call me axe-man i' ll give you real pain chorus: scars inside my brain, drives me insane and standing on my insanity, i' m searching for my sanity is where i used to stay 2nd: no mistakes, a perfect game you the enemy i choose to play with too many miles divide me from your throat the rage i' m feeling from inside the sins i see outside my eyes a way to find a place for a new crime pre chorus special: won' t you cry, won' t you lie won' t you die for me chorus 3rd: make my choice, use my toys to control my paranoia coz i' m shure nobody understands stop me now, you don' t know how and that' s all you know about me make the fear i caused to disappear

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