Extrema - Modern Times lyrics

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Look into my eyes To the walls impending over me Try to escape from this game Where human logic fails DOWN with no hope or safety Where illusions can't exist Where we are is a living hell Yeah, this hell on heart I feel the rage grow inside me Rage against society Where dirty money rules Where corruption is no crime From down below TO THE TOP Corruption rules this system Where the only thing that counts Is gaining power day by day We are wasting our lives… Modern times… Factories producing smoke Being built everywhere Spreading death around Careless about the air we breathe WHO wants to stop this game This game we practice everyday By these cruel minds That I don't want by my side We're going to pay the price… Modern times… Out in the streets A dope pusher sells his fix Kids fourteen and less Inject new blood Into the veins of this world system Small fishes growing fast Will one day become big sharks And the jail cells Remain too small to contain This big pack So tell me why is injustice the norm In a world ruled by ignorance? Racism and conformism Is that what people want? See them sitting on their thrones Gawking at their televisions Preaching demolition They've drafted a new player For this game That we play Bridge: In our everyday life And there is no way out Without paying the final price In these freakin' modern times These fuckin' modern times We are wasting our lives… Modern times… Those who choose to close their eyes Can only fantasize That this silent nightmare Really does not exist Just try walking through this path Forgetting that no one cares So we're rotten to the core… Now… FOREVERMORE

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