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Intro: black in theese days it' s my family curse i was afraid of my family curse one step ahead of my family curse ooh!!!! My family curse ooh!!!Feeling no remorse 1st: check this out once again now it' s my time won' t be frail i won' t be sorry i choose now it' s my turn to pull the trigger no more!!! To pull the trigger no more!!! Intro 2nd: i' m not bad a cockroach now that da distance is bitterly close all my fears now unload no more need to pull the trigger no more!!! To pull the trigger no more!!! Spoken: now i got the time to stay for a while and think about why spit on your life when you were weak and morally sick slave of a link and of this mastery that' s right here' s my landslide i' m out of reach, can' t use guilt like a bribe cause my pride, rippin' apart your defence special: to rip through your kingdom and see off my background and i don' t want a deal your availabile slice an old reign of fear but if you don' t mind too fight off your silence to drive back your power and now that i' m your fear just wait for the charge a legacy of change you know i' m the one!!! Intro ooh!!! Feeling no remorse

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