Extrema - Child O' Boogaow lyrics

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Can't stand it for another day Child of Boogaow, Child of Boogaow Just can't wait for it to go away Child of Boogaow, Child of Boogaow Sure, it's gonna help me to get up from the floor Child of Boogaow, Child of Boogaow When my veins will taste “it” I'll need nothing more Child of Boogaow Yeah, yeah! Someone what you look for Is not always what you find Just one thing that you should understand You need not worry about an odd sick mind What to do? I do as I can Naty and low With no hope Watchin' you Wanna know what you got now? Oh, sleepless night Endless day I need a break I'll pay you back some way Oh yeah…everyday…(x4) It's cool… Who've I got to blame? Will you help me now Now that I'm feeling this pain? My speech is fine But I ain't got nothing to say My brother laughs at me Have I gone insane? Oh, what a shame It's you against me Or maybe it's only my enemy And now that you've got “yours” I gotta get some blow So gimme gimme gimme gimme I gotta feel more! Oh yeah…everyday…(x4) It's cool… REPEAT VERSE ONE ‘Boogaow' is adrug which is a figment of imagination from the boys minds. This is open for interpretation…

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