EXTRA KOOL - 7/22/06

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I'm still pretty, Teem Geezus yelling check mate, fully equipped, we walk

Hard like an earth quake, never fall asleep, salty loss, talking groovy,

Blue veins carry nothing, spill life like scary movies,

I said hey home boy, can you spare some music please?, the type of track

To trap vocals, and swing hard like trapeze, man I said pretty please,

God damn it's next to nothing, 26 and still breathing, give hugs with

Extra loving. ah the years at it's end, I already lost my brother, took

The barrel to the head, blew his mind from under cover, shed tears with my

Mother, watch your eyes super size, I never said thank you, man I hate

Your suicide,

There's no need to be silly, I'm not aloud to pissed, I want to chew my

Fucking hands off, get loud and puke a fist, scratch you off the check

List, get back to sexy tracks, but this is the really real, ain't no way

Your coming back, I just want to say sorry, go back to little kids,

Shooting craps in the hallway, and rape our innocence, I hold my heart for

You Sid, I'm not one for special endings, watch the ink boil over, give

Love or start pretending, this is my mind that I'm sending, I'm just a

Little over anxious, let's pull the birds from the skies and kill em when

I'm famous.

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