EXTENDED F@MM - FYIRB (Remix) lyrics

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I don't waste time kickin rhymes about cheddar

All I gotta say is fuck you I rhyme better

I ain't got no gators and I can't afford a leather

All I gotta say is fuck you I rhyme better

I bet you think those little raps you kickin is clever

All I gotta say is fuck you I rhyme better

While you're pushin a lex, we roll in escorts and jettas

All I gotta say is fuck you I rhyme better


The flows you all say shows you are gay

I put holes in ya body, and play flute when I blow you away

you know you are played, dude still think he king

but ya chic wrapped around my finger like pinky rings

doin kinky things, turnin her inside out

I doubt you can't last long enough to try out

thats how im layin chics, ya lady'll get it

cause ya rhymes are like radio edits, you ain't sayin shit!

you playin wit a dude, rhymin hot, thumpin on you fools

only time I flop, is jumpin in a pool wit my arms open

trom smokin, the hash blaza

you dudes be all on my sax like Jazz players

but fuck you, I rhyme better, best design sweaters

and ya dime? get her as soon as I met her

Session align letters to cause damages

turn were you from into city of angels like Los Angeles



Tone turns caked nig|gas to professional pie catchers

High Action, I'm apt to put in more legwork than a thigh master

I finally figured how you could die faster

I'd number your days, but rather letter them instead

and then alphabetize backwards

Flabbergasted at how I send these rhymes past ya

You're the MVP of the National Fuck-up League

and everyone in your squad's a linebacker

I'm trapped behind a padded fence, I'm that intense

When all I see is skilless rappers fucking models with no fashion sense

Braggarts get caught out there with popped fly's

Say you getting pussy.then your cat's ass whistles when it walks by

You're looking to spot an embarrassing weakness?

Well, you inherited sweetness, yo

They called your cross-dressing father a tootsie-pop

^ Son, I'm, son-ing you, son, and what not

Hot as the sun's son, son - avoiding all baby mama drama with Son block

You stood at the bus stop with your Barbie lunchbox

And now, you invented the remix? Well, I invented the cumshot



Yeah yeah, I got cheddar, But I ain't gotta rap about it

I just knock a nigga out with, Rhymes thats shockin like an open outlet

Fuck who got the doper outfit, Snatch you out of your surroundings

We could battle for a thousand, What the fuck you know about this?

Rhyme better, gooder, bestest greatest, With the newest, freshest latest

Who can you impess with gators? Timbs are used for stomping craters

In the chest of haters, Lexus, Benz and Escalad-ers

Got you thinkin you're a player, Like the Giants, Jets and Raiders

You're a spectator! I got nothing left to say to cats

Who're gassed about the latest fashion trends,

They'll be the first to lose and last to win

And if you didnt know, the name is PackFM

Dont cross the line, if you expect to shine

You can't come close to mine


I came here to whip ass and chew bubble gum

And I'm all out of bubblicious so yall in trouble snitches

For yall a bunch of stitches til yall get dumped in ditches

Now there's no tomorrow cock smoker sanunara

So hot make hell flames feel lukewarm

Burning alive the silly bastard that put you on

That's like asking a virgin to do porn

You should be shot, stabbed, pissed and boo-booed on

Yo I write hooks better than your last 3 songs

Rhymes ghetto ass fat you got a baggy thong

Loud mouths I shut'em up wanna ride buckle up

Bitch smack your shit raps back to West Bubble Fuck

I'd write you an ill verse and you'd still fuck it up

Sun I've heard asthmatics with more breath control

Could care less if you're plat or if your record's gold

In a battle better pray God protect your soul

'Cause when I bust your shit best believe it's undeniable

This rap's impact will leave a tank undriveable

Substantial aka the widowmaker

Lady middle breaker faithfully you haters better take a knee

If your crew was in the house there soon will be a vacancy

Sent your men packing in hiding like Bin Laden

You been lacking fuck yall we been doper

You were born ass you came out the womb bent over!


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