Evol - The Return Of The Horned King lyrics

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[music by Lord of Sorrow; lyrics by Prince of Agony]

Spirit of the Unknown Domain,

Father forgotten by your children,

A long journey You endured,

through stranger reigns now here

As an ageless Soul upon Stormy Oceans

You travelled to reach your lost sons.

Master, here we are

Waiting, for Your coming

Lost, is our Source

Mislaid, is our Goal

"Oh my King, You're here at last.

I swear by Your Dark Throne my total obedience,

I seal this Oath with my blood.

Make whatever You want of our lives,

they're yours, and so this world".

Finally He arrives to the Place

where His people live

Rage when He sees another Lord

on His jewelled throne

For years the battle lasts

leaving only corpses and dust

at the end our King slays His enemy.


Master, here're our Souls

Meaningless, as we born

Slaves, to the Dark Domain

Fighting, for our Black Faith

"Darkness fills the Air. Stench of putrid things in it.

(Ancient) monuments to a forgotten christ are burning,

his followers are hanged on every tree, their flesh is food for the birds,

their Souls are the dish of our Lord".

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