EVERLAST - 7 Years

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It's been seven years down the road<br>I got no more tears in me left to flow<br>When I did my baby wrong<br>She left me lonely for so long<br>Now I'm out here all alone<br>Lord, won't you please bring my baby home<br><br>Chorus (x2)<br>Lord, won't you please...bring my baby home<br>Lord won't you please bring my baby home<br><br>It go one for the treble<br>Two for the bass<br>Used to mess with this girl<br>Way back in the day<br>She was from the pj's<br>And she went both ways<br>Yeah, the girl was a freak<br>I used to call her monique<br>And before I even speak<br>About knockin' the boots<br>I say her name been changed to avoid lawsuits<br>So now we gettin' down to the nitty of the gritty<br>She brought her friend around<br>And damn she was pretty<br>Betty was twisted<br>She said her number was listed<br>They grabbed my love two fisted<br>Hugged it and kissed it<br>They say one in the hand<br>Is worth two in the bush<br>But when shove came to push<br>Yo, I had my own theories<br>World series of love<br>It's two on one<br>Till I got caught with the smokin' gun<br>His wife came home<br>And she bursted in<br>Now I'm lookin' for my heart<br>Like I'm made from tin<br>The road that I travel<br>Ain't got yellow bricks<br>My old woman jinxed<br>That all men are pricks<br>And she flipped the script<br>She's puttin' lip to lip<br>And every time I think about it I just lose my grip<br><br>'cause I've been up<br>And I've been down<br>And I've been fast<br>And I've been slow<br>And I've been square<br>And I've been round<br>And I've been high<br>And I've been low<br>And I've been cool<br>And I've been calm<br>And I've been kind<br>And I've been crass<br>I held the whole world right in my palm<br>I tried to spread it around<br>But it sure went fast<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Seven years sure have flown by<br>I got no more tears and they are left to cry<br>When I did my sugar bad<br>I lost the best thing I ever had<br>And now I'm out here on my own<br>Lord, won't you please bring my baby home<br><br>Chorus (x2)<br><br>Bring my baby home...

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