Evans Blue

Evans Blue - Sick Of It

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<br>i ran away from you i <br>took everything <br>facing the day i turn my back just the way you showed me <br>id say ive changed for your right and you stay the same <br>i stepped away from you <br>i wont be coming back <br> <br>i thought i told you, i dont need the headache <br>why are you so pathetic, try, <br>and you just might get it <br> its come to this end and now im sick of it, <br>i cant stand the habit, <br>you just cant have it <br>maybe youll find its come to its end <br> and now im sick of it <br> <br>youre getting sick of this life faceing the truth <br> chasin the lies you live by wont be something new to you, <br>i havnt spoke of bad times <br> i have no use <br>erase the memories its something i must do <br> <br>chorus <br> <br> <br> <br>nothing around you <br>nothing to say <br>nothing involving you concerns me today <br>maybe youll find out <br> maybe youll break <br>maybe youll end up just like the way you are today <br> <br>chorus<br><!-- stopprint -->

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