Evans Blue

Evans Blue - Graveyard Of Empires

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Once a Kingdom of Fire

Now a Graveyard of Empires

Headstones line the rows

To mark dreams gone astray

The ones who believe

The ones who were trusted

One by one, they fall victim

In the wake of decay

They captured the creators

And harnessed the fire

Built up their armies

And took over the field

But for all good intentions

Their greed became rampant

And it poisoned the leaders

Their true nature revealed

Locked on a path

Of waste and self-destruction

They silenced the voices

Of the creators they enslaved

They dampened the fire

And they buried the bodies

But they were powerless to

Hold the souls down in the graves

A new breed will stand up

And rise from the ashes

Take back the fire and

Fan the flames to new heights

Change, evolution

A progressive solution

A band of fringe outlaws

Will take over the fight

A revolution is building

As the empires crumbles

The warriors and the fighters

Will be last to survive

We wake up to a new day

Where complacency falters

And in this field of dead empires

It feels good to be alive

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