Esham - Stop Diggin' On Da D-L lyrics

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Can I dig ya on the D-L

Pure satisfaction

Tricks be real

Time for some action

I'm one of those niggas that don't smile

But fuck that pussy like it's goin out of style

For a while I've been gone, but I'm back

I kept the super sperm trapped in the jimmy hat

I gotta bitch I been dyin to fuck

So many niggas tryin to fuck

In line to fuck

Baby girl, you got it goin on

Hit the motel, to the break of dawn

Late night with my late night freak

Nigga on the creep once the city falls asleep

I like to dig these hoes, dig this here

I bust a nut in a magic trick then disappear

But you still unaware, cause you blind hoe

You out yo mind hoe

So stop diggin on the down low

[Chorus X2]

He wanna dig it,dig it

She wanna dig it,dig it

We wanna dig it on the down low

Now it's alot of hoes in my city

And this shit's true

Everybody's fuckin

But who's fuckin who

I gotta watch the bitch with the big, fat butt

Cause she want the nigga with the big, fat nuts

A man is measured by the things that he has

And if you ain't got shit

Well I guess you ain't shit, unless

Yo game is tight

Yo name is right, wrong you can get the bitch for the night

Cause cash rules everything Around Me

Money make a bitch pull her panties down, G

And yo, you just don't know

It could be your hoe, yo

So stop diggin on the down low

[Chorus X2]

Niggas wanna dig what I dug when I dig it

Some wanna squig what I squg when I squig it

So dig it

I'm wicket

And ain't nothin like cheap sex,love is free

But a bitch gotta pay me

Ain't nothin goin on but the rent

Love's like time cause it all gets spent

On bullshit day in and day out

Some hoes think trickin won't play out

Now who's that nigga bust a gang of nuts

In a gang of sluts

But you still don't hear me, though

Relax your mind and tricks unwind

Check the Morris Day, cause it's time

Stop diggin on the down low

[Chorus X2]

[Woman singing]

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