Esham - Pill Me lyrics

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Pill me for my addiction

Feel my prescription

Try everything, I've tried everything

Check this shit out

I be that Egyptian who need a prescription (So what's poppin?)

Pain pills, feel my addiction

I'm caught up in the mix and plus I need fixin'

This is fact not fiction, bitch, why you bitchin'

Take a listen witcha ears and close ya mouth

Wash it down with' some water before ya pills fall out

In the darkness I hear somebody call out my name

When I think about the past all I see is the flames

Angels try and save me but I'm crazy

They say 'Follow me' but I can't fly with' these broken wings

And 'Tongues' are spoken things

Don't know what they mean, nightmares that I'm a dope fiend

Insomniac, I don't sleep, I can't dream

The voices say 'Follow me' the pills say 'Swallow me'

I gotta migraine, dead brain cells

Anphenamines flowin' through my veins takin' me to hell

Can't you tell I'm in another dimension

Can't you tell I'm in another dimension

Hell on earth and I got a life sentence

The only way to get to Heaven's repentance

Pill me for my addiction, feel my prescription, baby

I'm ya pain killa

I'm a pain killa, a game killa

The one you come to when ya need the same killa

Footprints in the sand walkin' witcha

The shadow behind you who can getcha

Thoughts of suicide run through my mind

I think about murderin' murderers all the time

I close my eyes and turn into vapors

Smokin' blunts in the Bible papers

My mind travels at light speed

''cause I speed in the fast lane swervin', my eyes bleed

Now let me tell you

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