Esham - 4 All the Suicidalist lyrics

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Listen 'cause this is the sound of a crucifix

The U-N-H-O-L-Y's now in the looser mix

Unholy's inside a me so I get homocidous

The unholy poetry is for all the suicidalists

Just another brother from D-E-T-R-O-I-T

I pack a Smith and Wesson 'cause I don't know karate

I ain't no punk nigga, pull the trigger is my thang though

Grew myself an afro, never sported a kango

Niggaz I strangle, they don't wanna tangle

Fuck a priest 'cause I mash and I mangle

I'm takin' to the top, I'm makin' 'em drop

They thinkin' I'm not, I'm shakin'em, bakin' em, kickin' em, stickin' em

And always keep hittin' 'em

Until I get rid of 'em, I'm pickin' up the microphone

To kick the funky D-O-P-E is on the microphone

I had to make it funky once again for my opponent

I left the stage fulla blood stains 'cause I was on it

The U-N-H-O-L-Y, Esham you never knew I

Could kick it so wicked, inflict pain, do I?

The U-N-H-O-L-Y, hell I kick a lotta titles

But this is for all the suicidalists

"My father was a priest cold-blooded, he's dead"

"And hear the demons screamin' as his body bled"

"My father was a priest cold-blooded he's dead"

"Poured on the holy water, bless the dead is what I said"

Some say I'm the son of satan, but they're relatin'

Bodily harm, some waitin' for the storm

That I bring when I sing, it's a gathering of people

The U-N-H-O-L-Y so check out the evil

The evil not a stunk from the wicked poetry funk

Esham's the soul that I'm projectin' huh?

I'm like a deadly disease, 360 degrees

Of the U-N-H-O-L-Y so fall to your knees

Dead is all around the sounds'll pound down

And drive you insane until it busts your brain

I'ma head banger, a acid rap slanger

Comin' on stage puttin' up my middle finger

Sayin' fuck it and grabbin' my balls

All the MC's in the house got shit in their drawers

'Cause I'm the scarer, a one man terror

So never compare a sucka with me 'cause I run 'em like mascara

So no need to tell you my title 'cause you know what my title is

This is for all the suicidalists

"I looked into her eyes and she was scared as hell"

"A homocidal maniac with suicidal tendencies"

"Shoot me of the people I dismantle"

"So to stop her from jumpin' I just cut up the bitches"

Death is the penalty if you're ever caught bitin' me

Some say I'm insane but it's my split personality

The groove it's just wicked so it makes me shake

I thought this time I'd make a rhyme and see what it takes

You suckas tried to creep me then I'll have to get my gat

And bust you in the head for tryin' to steal my acid rap

Esham's here just for this verse

The U-N-H-O-L-Y rocks it much worse

Rock and roll, heavy metal hip hopster

Word after word till the break a dawn, brother

Rockin' ay, as I play

To the rhythm that I just kicked today

I'ma sway and keep on kickin' it for the ones who buy this

The needle's on the wax for all the suicidalists

"Oh, I'm a ho so I don't have to kill"

"I just educate minds to reality"

"Uh, oh shit damn that's another"

"So you weak ass hoes keep dreamin'"

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