Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger - Sex Wit Me

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Ft. Rihanna


Sex with me is so amazin'

Head from me is so amazin'

Making luv with me is so amazin'

This gon' be yo fav song (YFS)


Sex wit me, so amazin'

It's so amazin'

Sex wit me, so amazin'

It's so amazin'

Sex wit me feel like we blazing (Feel like we rolling up)


I'm on my way home so I could take you down

And I'mma give it to you how you like it

Girl you know daddy know just how you like it

Foreplay wit the music up

Candles lit just the two of us

Start off slow then give it to you rough

Girl I know I got you heated up right now (Up right now)

Thinking maybe I should eat it up right now (Up right now)

Can't stop feelin' on yo big ol' butt right now (Butt right now)

Way you throw it I might fall in luv right now


(Verse 2: Rihanna)

Vodka and water, and a lemon

And a few otha things I can not mention

Oh na na na na; 5 fingers on it (5 fingers)

Hit it like you own it, I’mma hit it like I’m on it

Straight shots of the blue dot
(Shots, shots, shots, shots)

Baby, I’mma pick your poison

Oh-we, ah-yeah, you gon’ need it
I’m off that la-la
I’mma get it wet like jacuzzi, ah-yea

(Chorus Variation)

And sex wit me, so amazin'

All this all work, no vacation

Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation

Sex wit me, sex wit me, sex wit me

So amazin', so amazin', mmmmh

(Baby let me see you work, work, work, work for me)

(Verse 3)

You know I got the sauce (sauce)

(Aye sauce for a nigga then) You know I’m saucy

And it’s always wet, a bitch neva eva had to use lip gloss on it

I’mma need you deeper than six, it's not a coffin

We’re not makin' luv, trying to get nasty
Wrap up your drugs, come make me happy

Sex wit me is amazin', wit her it’ll feel alright (I know it's feelin' real good)

The sex doesn’t get any betta, make it long (Let it be all night)

I know, I know, I make it hard to let go

Tonight, all night, I’m Monroe

Even if I’m alone

(Chorus 1)

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