Enter The Haggis

Enter The Haggis - Cynical

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I'm an actor, a web-voyeur

I'm a fall-down, follow-through

Trying hard to find somebody

And be somebody

Like we're all supposed to do

Any day now the lights will change

And we'll all be forced to go

Running with our hands down

Hiding our eyes from people

We don't know


Maybe I'm just cynical

I could care less than I do

It's a feeling I've grown tired of

Haven't you

When I finally leave it all behind

Maybe you'll be leavin too

But it's obvious you're cynical

You don't believe in miracles

It's amazing colour dreams of things

I can see in monochrome

I can buy a prime-time body

With part-time money

From the comfort of my home

We're so lazy

We're soap-box heroes

And we've got so much to say

But if I never cast my ballot

I wash my hands and walk away


Maybe it's a dream it's a nightmare

Figure we've fallen asleep

We've fallen asleep

And if I close my eyes

I'm alone in the room

Can it go any deeper, go any deeper?


If you can't believe your eyes

What can I do?

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