Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari - Fanfare For The Conscious Man

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Each nation used to provide it’s country with security

With factories providing arms for their country

Now multi-national companies compete in the arms trade,

To serve any customer maximizing the money to be made

So just as farms compete to provide fruit for other countries,

So people can live to enjoy the taste of nature

National warehouses compete to provide arms around the world

To aid death and all hell unfurled.

Our gracious queen should grasp her crown

And take a good fucking swing at Blair and Brown

For leading her country into illegal warfare

And tryna pass it off that we’re doing it cos we care

‘Now preemptive wars are a redemptive cause.’

I’ve never heard such nonsense under international laws

We think we have the right to enforce ‘democracy’

When we’re weakening ours everyday; what a hypocrisy.

Fuck man

I just woke up to a land where killing is part of every day,

And every mind of this intelligent species

Is led blinded into the battlefield

Like it’s natural for us to break instead of build

Unity’s intrinsic, the only cause worth fighting for

All religions colours and creeds

Now we are the world and we are the people

We are the world and we are the people

And we will be heard...

We’ll be forever against this

We’ll be together against this

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