Emilio Rojas

Emilio Rojas - U Guessed It (Freestyle) lyrics

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Bitch you guessed it

Here we kickin boy

I’m on a mission

I’ve been innocent in this fuckin’ city

I remember when a rapper had to be L9

Nobody took this mission

I’m seeing this and it was written in a minute

In the middle of the strip where all the homies getitn’ rich

And they make it stretchin’ like a motherfuckin’ 7th in it

But I need an ass to look like a … again

Shorty bad and I know she got a man

But who said I can’t score?

Cause the goal is in the net

No rollin’ with the wrist

But I’m rollin’ with a click

You know I had to finish and put it off the business

We ain’t speakin’ cause I know you are a bitch

So the only way we beefin’ is a cobra

Even though I’m rollin’ over you

Little bro from the middle of the stories

He said he will give it to you

I don’t really care

I’m about to roll shit

In the same spot where I show notorious

And I’m chillin’ in the soul

On the same block

Kate got real control

Oh, y'all ain't heard Jesus was a carpenter?

That's why I got to hammer at the shows

You can find me backstage passin' on them hoes

As they lookin' at Emily

Like a chance that they could blow

Bur security is about to come in

So if you ain’t got a ticket then go

No, I ain’t got no sympathy with giving my paroles

I don’t trust a soul

Blame it on the industry

Cause I’ve been makin’ money with my motherfuckin’ enemies

I’ve been makin’ money like a motherfuckin’ Kennedy

I’ve been makin money like a motherfuckin’ trunk

But the one thing I leanred

The more money that you earn

But you burn

But you never get enough

And I’ve been wakin’ up in the night with anxiety

For you it’s good you know how to react

Cause I know the way you fake

Could have won the Psychiatry

Are you mad cause I am everything you try to be?

No wings on my shoulders

Now the devil is inside of me

Fuck it man, fuck it, fuck it

Bitch you guessed it

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