Emery - Thrash

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We will not back down

Our eyes are gonna scream

Your soul and flesh

I brought my flame on

You brought your human soul

I got my plague on

I got my plague on

Plague on, kill swine

Out with blood

We first feel lust

The worst year's up

Burned them down

Will help our threads

The torment shall erode the mind and so it's gone

The path I cross evoke the madness of the one

The path I close my mind the madness of the wine

The path that I'm at, a fiend descend to rhyme

The wrath of those alive

Concerning vaults of time

Desert with wounded eyes

Wide awake but dead inside

You're breaking my heart

You're breaking my heart

Standing here, the audience

Will tear me all apart

The hardened answers you burnt fell apart

So blink at me so you can see

You've broken my heart

So I will tell you one last thing

Intertwine us for history

It will seal our faith

But I'll take my trash

You never should closed my way

Your eyes should melt away

But you caught up the flames

And now you sleep behind

You slip before your mouth

Years pouring from your skin

Yeah, lost up how I taste you

And said you're settling

You are round the take ______(?)

I have seen what's waiting for me

And it's beautiful, so beautiful

And I can't stop these words, no no

They all just rushed in me

But I guess I've lost my senses

There's just so much to see

Many times in my life I doubted your words

But here I am, and everything I heard is true

And it's you, oh, so beautiful

Oh, oh ohoh oh, beautiful to me

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