Emery - The Less You Say

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You ever catch yourself just thinking of a way to get out?

It's like a reflex motion, the words look thin

And leave a taste that you let linger for days

Inside your heart


We fell asleep just like before

There, on the trees! (I can't do this anymore)

(Verse 2)

Make this all something that's behind us

For me, for you, this is not the end but I'm scared

Cuddle your words in soft subtle sequence

But your force is on us like we shouldn't care

The fields today will find the scent of mocked den now

The end, the end is near


We fell asleep just like before

You said I can't do this anymore

(Chorus x2)

You'd better run, you'd best not stay

They catch you here this all goes away

This all goes away

(Verse 2)

Just give me a chance to change your mind

Speak with the others, you will see

The place that you now hope to find

Your peace will cut pieces right out from me


You could make this all go away


Years swept by us like seas

We slept by ourselves to see

We hid hope in our sleeve

And all the world knew we believe

This life took me by the hand

God knows where you'll find yourself

(Chorus x2)

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