Emery - The Beginning

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Wait, don't go! I've been walking through these woods

And shivering in these new clothes

And I, I wanted to see, a will if there was

But they were never meant for me


It was placed just right to catch bee hives

We waited, could be we'd make out

Oh oh, oh oh, never wondered as to make a lie

That kind of racing, oh, how could you taste it? Oh oh

(Verse 2)

I thought I heard her say I don't want to go

But the words hurt more than I thought through

And nothing leaves you quite as cold as my

Father's back turned on me, when you take someone

Down the garden path, you take someone for all they have

And death was only the worth

But for the jealous heart that has made its plans

It was the soil that gave it birth and the sun

It's life there on me, shun through the clouds

And up on my feet, to the ground that it shows

As a door to me



(Die!) I was so alone (for the wounded heart)

I was just so young and so in love

How could I say no (carry me home!)

To the man that was built for me

(Die!) I've fallen so clear

(You're the one that broke everything)

But the things they left done said my name (so die!)

I couldn't say no, but we both know

We both know, we will have to

(We all know they were lies) Change like these days

Of our lives, (it was mine) so these places

The hell with them (it was my turn)

(It was more than a prize) Fair them goodbyes

So you can't stop yourself (it's only goodbye)

When your dreaming (was I ever alone, that?) of days

These pieces will fade (so you could touch on me)

(Will it matter?) Until some leaves misplace

If I would have chosen another it would have meant

I loved him more than you

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