Emery - Pink Slip

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This town ain't big enough for both of us

So don't sleep on nothing inside my ends are not (?!)

You're blowing out the walking, blooding up the distant

Gobble with your mouth, don't let it run

Outta sight, out of mind, doubt my hues into the earth

It was safe, it was mine (but this part of my time)

This is what I'm waiting

Take me back again and toss me and forget it

Now she swallowed your seed inside

Your bread like your fathers, most of us get behind you

Careful with your feet, don't let her run

And you can camouflage, you can lock up and you can steal away

But it is the question, what's self and what's hot enough

To leave the covert

The curse to stay away, and in my hard heart

I tried to block all the blood out and obstruct the clouds

And strung out to bail the blanket in a envelope

Full of clips and nouns

Standing where the water meets the show you meet the sun

Touch your face and leave its mark with nowhere left to run

To hell just shaking hands and words

This world just lasts a day

You never feel this weak as when the answer's your awake

I was gone in the current, so listen now learning

The teacher left scars what I feel

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