Emery - Hard Times

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I sat there while you plead ur case

For confidence and secrets to be erased (I was riddled by your words)

I bet that u could hardly wait

To send the cavalry for me ur subtlety looked great with scorn

My father told me, 'don't forget who u are!'

'When you're one step from death you'll step back or you'll starve'

My strength is [?] I thought I don't know why

But this fool I've become, can't see straight through foreva


The loneliness of luvn' someone could steal ur eyes

And spill the hope u had and you're left to spend the words by yoself

And no one else, no one else (no one else)

The trust u handed ova, the people that u hurt

But u could never stop yoself, an addict for the worst

What u felt were lies they sell, nothin' else (nothin' else)

(Verse 2)

So I sit here makin' my big plans, like they could rescue me

But now I see the answer through my window (that nothin' can replace)

Those memories my father gave me are all that's left

But I'm ready to escape this life



I'm sorry for the words I couldn't say

I'm sorry that your efforts were in vain

U were promised so much more than I have gave

I'm not an honest man, I was born for the grave

And that's saged all the faith you had in me

That's message of the life I had in me

That's faith, it's a love slain, you'll see

Don't admit the sun is gone, hold on me, say my name!


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