Emery - From Crib to Coffin

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I used to be a better man

But the regret came, and here I am

I used to walk outside my door

But I don't go outside anymore

When will they carry me to my grave?

So I can pay for the things that my hands have made

Two sons will take my body

And place it in the ground

And I hope they know to be nothing like me

No, nothing like me

My blood is tainted with bitterness

I want it out, I want it out of me

Oh, the taste of my inheritance

How I have fallen, the hills will cover me

You too will become weak

The trees are green

What happens when they turn dry?

The trees are green

What happens when they turn dry?

We chose our words

And threw them toward the sky

The trees were green, now they have all turned dry

There was a bird

Whose wings were crushed by a windshield

So fast to the ground

The roadside it found as it's eyes closed

I heard the driver say as she pulled away,

"What could I have done? The worst is over"

I thought to myself with the risk to our health

No one ever offers help

When we were boys

We chased through neighbors' fields

We could run forever, and I swore to my friends

Their lives I would defend, as a superhero

But age finds the lust and gives it your trust

And begs your devotion in trade for discretion

The years play out as days as those friends pass away

But you're taken care of, there is always television

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