ELTON JOHN - Tambourine lyrics

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It feels like I'm flyin' when I see your face

I'm charged with a power of amazin' grace

I flip the switch signal on the permanent dream

Like the palm of my hand on a tambourine

Dumb rocks fillin' up, my poor head

Did you just say what I thought you said

First cat back here gets the cream

And bounce a lil river of my tambourine


Smack in the middle, toss it in the air

I don't care, u can play me everywhere

Roll and rattle when I'm out of steam

You got my head ringin' like a tambourine

(Verse 3)

A curve ball comin', that I didn't see

A flash flood washin' out a dried up creek

A went in muddy, but I came out clean

Like a Baptist bangin' on a tambourine



You're a spinnin' round gypsy in the moonlight

Cymbals flashin' in the firelight

I'm free fallin' into a dream

My hidden heart bangin' like the tambourine


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