ELTON JOHN - Looking Up lyrics

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I've figured out where I went wrong

The script not followed then was awfully long

Too much pluck, too lil of

The actin' right, not actin' up

I've worn the world upon my back

Would someone else but me pick up the slack?

Just becos' I could say

It's my life, do things my way


Now I'm lookin' up more than I look down

The view's a whole lot betta second time around

Too much of me was livin' in the shadows

I looked up and felt my feet lift off the ground

(Verse 2)

Color a lot with a broader stroke

The laughter comes as easy as the jokes

Nowadays, I'm thinkin' bout

Time is wasted lookin' back



You drop a bucket in a well

It's dark and deep down there

Crank the handle, bring it up

The water, crystal clear


(Outro x6)

Lookin' up

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