ELTON JOHN - Guilty Pleasure lyrics

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Hand it ova, reach across the line

Let's talk about it, tell me one more time

What is it u want, what u think you'll find

Inside of this old heart of mine, come on out

Cos' u want to play, the rain went east, come to roll away

Here u went to choose and you're goin' to stay

So I knew that's the price I pay


Can't u tell the deal's been done

Won't u let me love u

I don't see no smokin' gun

I'm not up here to judge u

What do u see when u look at me

Tell the man to measure

Am I the lover you'd like my love

Or just some guilty pleasure

(Verse 2)

I roamed around, lookin' for a clue

Searched the world it's what I used to do

Where I went, what I went though

A bit too hard to find a way to u

I can't move so, neva really could

Sing a song that u understood

It's what u do when u think u should

Surrender like u knew u always would



Hold out, distilling down

What's it going to be

Neva tell, in a million years

No, u can't get enough of me


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