ELTON JOHN - Free and Easy lyrics

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I've got a strong-willed someone to luv me

Here off a highway in the way

Don't need to shout it, we're livin' here quietly

Away from the folks, who just sleep all day

I lived the fast life, takin' some chances

On my high horse everyone rode

All around were 2 many monkeys

Asleep at the wheel & runnin' the show


But I'm free now, free and easy

Freedom's a breeze, freedom's a time

Rollin' ova and ova & I want to be where you are tonight

Where you are tonight

(Verse 2)

All my sweet sins stayed in the city

I caved in and wandered into your heart

When least expected out of the heavens

The moonlight descended into the dark



Was ur _____(?) to watch, in no heaven

Set back the clock you gave me, ur time

I'm livin' betta now I'm free and easy

Freedom past I've left here high


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