ELTON JOHN - England and America lyrics

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Had some good times, jumpin' ship & showin' up on shore

Just pocket change to get us by, a lil bit of grease to help us slide

Give us a nickel and take ur mark to squeeze under the door

Caught some big 1s reeled 'em in & hung em out to dry

From little fish to bigger things, a welcome push an empty swing

Given the chance we'd stop to sing & watch the world go by


And I tried to take my time to get back up, hold on and climb

Into the arms, you'll always find me in England and America

(England and America) It seems good to hold, to not let go

The safety net still hangs real low & if I fall it's good to know

There's England and America

(Verse 2)

Showed our roots from time to time & used it to ignite

Our wilder side to get up thru' to push and pull, and come unglued

Mixture of red wine and blues

That run right thru' our lives

(Chorus x2)

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