ELTON JOHN - A Good Heart lyrics

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Don't shy away from comin' in

Closer still my darlin' friend

Don't slip, don't trip on life

I bear the moon, inside ur eyes

Don't be afraid of all my years

What u see or what u hear

It's all urs and urs and urs alone

Yours for the takin', so take it home


Oh it's a good heart, to be a part of

Just a soul full all men tend to luv

The kind of luv u neva knew

Oh it's a good heart from me to u

(Verse 2)

Oh sure it's cracked a time or two

But him and me, we pulled on through

I've seen 'em come, I've seen 'em go

Some went through fast, some went real slow

So take a chance, and take ur time

Readin' my face between the lines

I luv real good, and I luv u

My heart and me, that's what we do

(Chorus x2)

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