ELLIOTT SMITH - Stupidity Tries lyrics

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Got a foot in the door<br>God knows what for<br>And it'll cut me down to size<br>Stupidity tries<br>Everything here is free<br>Everything but you and me<br>This painting never dries<br>Stupidity tries<br>So then a shoulder<br>Raised a cheer<br>Coloring the sky with ash<br>Because they found some privateer<br>To sail across the sea of trash<br>The enemy is within<br>Don't confuse me with him<br>The truth is otherwise<br>Stupidity tries<br>And so I go from floor to floor<br>Looking for a port of call<br>Another drunk conquistador<br>Conquering the governor's ball<br>I couldn't think of a thing<br>That I hope tomorrow brings<br>Oh what a surprise<br>Stupidity tries

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