ELLIOTT SMITH - Either / Or lyrics

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You're strong, you're stubborn now

In an endless symbolic war

Brave or bored, either/or

Sometimes I ricochet from the past

And at times a future I've already had before

Champion or chore, either/or.

I'll write the pages you rip out

Back in their places again

One day you'll know what you're talking about

I can hardly imagine, but until then I'll be

Filling in these blanks that you create

Every time you win some petty score

Posing as hardcore, oh yeah, either/or

Look at the spin chief, battered and broken

Clutching a plastic rose

We're all in the downpour you carry around for

Trashing a lifestyle you've never known

It's a useful dream that makes

Quite an entertaining show and not much more

Up against and for, either/or

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