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Elle Varner - Refill (Remix) ft Wale, T-Pain lyrics

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I feel like the girl at the bar whose been there too long

Can’t stand up

I should be gone but I just can’t get enough ..yeah

Fummbling, giggling, silly as ever I get like this after one to many

But right now I aint even been drinking

He approached me and asked for a minute which turned into five

And turned into ten, and right now I don’t know how to say when

So can I get a refill, can a get a refill,

Can I get a reee-fill yeah

Of your time, ‘cause you’re intoxicating my mind

Feel like a conversation the lush

I don’t know how much is to much e yeah yeah

I feel like the dude at the bar that done had a couple nuvos and I'm bought to

2 more

I’m ready for the love, I’m ready for the touch

I’m ready for the kisses, I just can’t get enough

It is what it is this is what I’ve been missing

You know what we doing we can get the party moving

Ain’t nobody gonna stop us

People to never imma give it to ya proper

Round 2 me and you are you ready for another one

You know what I’m bout to do

I hope you ain’t through

‘cause I ain't no where near done

So can I get re-

Yeah I’m livin it, pa pam pam pam pam

Sha sha sha sha sha

Make your booty go

Pam pam pam pam pam

Girl I’m trying get my prints all on that Deereire

Are you ready for T pain again yeah

Of your time, ‘cause you’re intoxicating my mind

Feel like a conversation the lush

‘cause I don’t know how much is to much

‘cause I’m down to my ..last drop

Look she love my honesty and i love her decency and I call her queen and she call me free willy she'll easy when I leave she say she needs a piece of me and I got me thinking like I never meet her needs absense makes the heart broke matter fact it's only part true when i leave I walk I leave slow any quicker imma prolly leave ya heart broke hey girl i no you been lonely but been after that dough chee will you be still to get your refill but don't o.d Chorus again the end of song

And I call her queen and she cause me freak one lick

She aint easy when I eat a piece of me

I got me starting to feel ever feel her knees

I Use to have heart.. matter of fact ..when I leave I’m out I watch slow

I’m a probably a ..bro

And girl I know you’ve been lonely

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