Elisha Laverne

Elisha Laverne - Postcards

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It’s been a week since you left

I feel like I lost my head

I never thought I will be hopeless

Don’t know what to do with myself

Tried everything but it’s been hell

Not having you around

I am tired of sleeping

I am tired of eating

Cause I can’t enjoy it on my own

I am tired of waiting and anticipating

Only end up here alone


I know you are thinking of me too

Display by all these postcards postcards

Nothing I can hold on to and I

It ain’t right cause all compared to you

When I am holding these postcards

Should see my eyes when I wipe

The .. into me

I swear I hear your voice so clearly

But when I put .. down it’s like I never heard a sound

And it’s playing with my heart

Cause I am tired of acting

I know that reacting

I am not apt to play this role

I am tired of wishing for something that’s missing

Only end up here alone


Sometimes I wanna throw them away

Cause it just get in the way

Lately feels complicated getting me aggravate it

By the times I hold them close they’re the only thing I know

How much time I .. to get these postcards


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